Monday, December 8, 2008

Grey ice meant for Monday

As the semester comes to a close I seem to be wound tighter than ever. Maybe it is the regular caffeine dose I have introduced into my daily diet, stress is definitely a factor. Regardless of the cause, I find myself often bouncing around with an unreleased nervous energy and thus far there is no known cause. Last night I said something to the effect of "I just want everything to happen all at once immediately" whatever that really means, I know I meant it though. I think I am simply bursting with anticipation for whatever next semester in France will bring as well as sadness at the close of such a wonderful fall. Bittersweet, that's the word. I took a long rainy walk in Sequoya Hills the other day, in anticipation of the many solitary rainy walks of the spring. It was more satisfying that I had originally expected, which was a comfort.

In another vein, last night I saw David Byrne at the TN Theatre with the whole family. How fitting to see my favorite musician with the very folks who introduced me to the Talking Heads. I practiced my arrhythmic dancing with dad in the same manner of the David A. Patterson school of arythmic dance. Together we moved everywhich way, expending some of that pent up energy, dancing with the same silly abandon as the many previous dances enjoyed in our kitchen.
I remember in middle school listening to David Byrne and chiding my dad because one of the lyrics said something about only wanting to get high and watch tv. Hah...
Thanks family.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Perfumes of embraces all him assailed. With hungered flesh obscurely he mutely craved to adore."
-Jame Joyce

I just booked a hostel at the Villa Saint-Exupery in Nice, France for May 16-20 so that I may be able to attend the Cannes Film Festival. Onward, onward!