Saturday, January 31, 2009

Busy busy busy all the time. Went to grand marche this morning and fell in love with Aix some more. Despite the distinct lack of grass this city is wonderful. It is so great to go to a giant market and interact with all types of people and buy fresh produce and pretty much anything else one might want. On Saturday's it seems like nearly all of centreville is a huge market. J'aime bien la vie fran├žais.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A year ago today I wore a pretty dress, went to a happy brunch and in the evening worked my last shift ever at TomatoHead. Mom and Dad came in to eat, so did my French professor and his family. I think Lauren, Forest, Clint, and maybe Clark ate in my section as well. I didn't even know it was my last shift.

Tonight I took a long cold walk in the park with Genny and Adeline. It was so dark out at first I thought it would be scary and we'd freeze. Of course it was beautiful by the river with sparse clouds just the right color and shape. We talked about her semester in France and my expectations for mine, and about the happy and sad times of the last years, and about other walks.

I know everyone thinks that their best friends are the best friends in the world but really, I have the smartest, funniest, coolest, most varied range of fantastic friends. We like each other despite the little ways in which we're nuts, and we try to keep eachother's nuts in check besides. (Thank goodness for friend therapy.) In seven short days it will be five long months before I see any of them again. A year ago my life felt almost this tumultuous... this time I feel better prepared, more energetic, and am going to make sure to get all of the vitamin D, blue skies, and grass I need.. On y va?