Tuesday, March 24, 2009

raspberries strawberries milk and sugar

Well folks,
for the first time in my life I may actually be getting my 5 a day of veggies and fruit. Admittedly its mostly fruits but dinner kids, dinner I have been learning to cook vegetables and more vegetables. Example: Yesterday's meals.
Breakfast. Raspberries and strawberries milk and sugar, a little quiche lorraine
Lunch. Banana, Salad with tomatoes, apples, walnuts, smoked ham, cheese, a bit of baguette
Dinner. Sean made me some rice with stir fried carrots, peppers, green beans, mushrooms, onions.

So far this morning I have had a big ole hunk of watermelon and special K fruits rouges with additional fresh strawberries and raspberries. My school lunch consists of an apple and a plum and hopefully a slice of Pizza Capri anchois. Yum.
(Post script fruit's good reputation got sullied a bit this afternoon by a gross and unripe plum. Bummer, or maybe plummer.)

Father, mother, are you proud of me?

I don't really feel any healthier but the produce here is just so appetizing and cheap and flavorful that I can't resist. Who knows how I recovered from my aversion to bananas. The day I arrived in London I was walking down the street my hostel was on eating a banana and an old man joyfully called out to me "Bananas! Is good for you!" made me smile.

In other news, it is almost my birthday and I will be 21. I haven't really celebrated my birthday in a long while but this week I am planning to have a good ole time. Tonight Pony is DJing at Sunset Cafe for the second time and I will help her out a bit in between dancing myself silly. Thursday I am going to have a Pizza Capri Pizza Party and make everyone watch a movie with me, and Friday night we may actually have a real soiree. How pleasant things seem.

Our warm weather seems to have left us for a few weeks unfortunately, and rain is coming Saturday which crushes my hopes of hiking by the sea again this weekend. Despite that I seem to be having a thoroughly pleasant time. I got to enjoy both Dimitri and Antoine's company last night, strengthening my budding French friendships. I also got to enjoy one of those rare but absolutely perfect moments when something innocuous becomes very beautiful. We were sitting at Eva's kitchen table listening to music and outside her window across the street we had this wonderful view of a salsa dancing class through the bare branches of a tree. Then the Arcade Fire song Une Année Sans Lumiere (which has always been my favorite of their tunes) came on. Well of course the dancer's movements matched the song exactly and they kept twirling grooving perfectly in rythem, dancing in and out of my view through the tree, they sped up and slowed down incredibly keeping time and then their dance ended when the song did. Somehow it was just a simply beautiful moment and I actually had tears in my eyes for a second till I caught Dimitri's glance and he said "We'll have to put a scene like this in the movie you want to make." Happy moments.

Song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btqpJOvk1z4

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lately I've been...

...to Amsterdam to galavant around zoos ,planetariums, canals,and museums

...to many museums

To London where I stayed in this lovely hostel, the Palmers Lodge

...and walked around with my Finnish friend Pekkah to Trafalgar square

...to a quiet bed and breakfast

...making friends with some French folks. This is my first French friend, his name is Antoine, he studies political science and loves pop punk.

This is my second French friend, Dimitri. He is very nice and has the prettiest eyes. He loves movies, comme moi.

...hiking. The pictures below are of the Callanques where I went on a 13 mile hike last weekend. Later, when Sean gives it to me, I will add the picture of myself as I climb a chain up one of these cliff faces upon which was painted an eye crying blood. Bad ass or something... Though not really because for me there is very little that I find scarier than looking through my shaking legs, between my toes, which have found a seemingly precarious purchase on a slick cliff face, to see a 200 ft drop to the sea.

Post Script:
Ok so I am oscillating on the Facebook issue. The site gives me the willies but is also useful. We'll see.

Thursday, March 12, 2009